Monday, 24 December 2012

flash songs and lyrics for children

hi hello good morning do you know
Hi - hello

Good morning

Do you know

From 1 to 5

I'm hungry

No more

In the living room

I love my family

My family album

Words - family

Who is he ? - family

Days of the week

These are apples

What's this ?

Where are you going ?

In the bedroom

It's time for breakfast

Where's my shirt ?

We like fruit

In the zoo

From 1 to 10

What time is it ?

A girl in the park

That's my house

You're strong

Old McDonald

Nod your head

You are mu sunshine


A gift for you

Wash and dry

Where's the knife

What's in the box ?

How many apples ?

Come to the party

We like Maths

I like going to...

Let's go to the garden

Here's the sink

I like to play outdoors

Listen to me


A monster story

Maybe I'll go to...

Can jump so high


Playing in the sand

The sky and the sea

It's noon

In my room

Hokey pokey

It's a nice day

You are late again

Don't cry

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